Mzuri Investments

At Mzuri Investments we comprehensively support our clients in investing in real estate properties for rent. We assist them in selecting the appropriate investment strategy, we pursue and secure investment opportunities, we organize the acquisition process, manage renovations and prepare the apartment for rent. So far we have purchased nearly 1,000 apartmentsfor individual investors.

We have handled nearly 1,000 transactions on behalf of our investors, supporting them in fostering their financial freedom.

How we operate?
  1. We determine the investor’s preferences and define their investment strategy.
  2. We pursue favourable investment opportunities valued significantly below the market average. The scale of our operations allows us to offer our clients investments all across Poland.
  3. We prepare the documents and finalize the acquisition. We verify the legal status of the property, conduct negotiations, co-ordinate signing of the introductory and final agreements. For the convenience of our investors, especially those living outside Poland, we act as their proxies before notaries public.
  4. We conduct the renovation and/or retrofitting of the acquired apartment. We assist our investors in preparing the apartment for renting in order to make it as attractive to its future tenants as possible. That usually calls forthe apartment to be renovated, finished, refurbished or retrofitted. We advise on how to do it as affordably as possible to ensure the highest possible return on investment. We collaborate with reliable contractors that have conducted dozens of renovations on our behalf.
  5. We comprehensively manage the leasing of the acquired property. We take over all the responsibilities of the owner in terms of finding the tenant, the ongoing oversight of the lease and the condition of the apartment. We ensure prompt rent payments and supervise potential repairs under a separate agreement signed with the investor after the acquisition of the apartment.